July 28 2015.

Building on the foundation of the Malossi C-One and RC-One crankcase kits for Piaggio liquid cooled 50cc scooters, a range of matching performance parts have been manufactured to provide the rider with the ultimate in performance.

Testa Rossa cylinder kits:

Designed for all out performance, the Testa Rossa flanged cylinder kits feature 7 ports, modular cylinder head, single ring piston, and a bridged exhaust port. Available in either 70cc or 94cc versions. The cylinder kits are required to be fitted to either the Malossi C-One or RC-One crankcase kits and matched to the required crankshaft.

MHR VHST 28 BS carb kit:
This 28mm dedicated carb kit for the C-One and RC-One crankcases has a modular inlet manifold system, designed by Malossi, to allow rotation of the carburettor to obtain the best position and angle of fitment. Supplied with a matching Malossi air filter.

Gorilla Arm racing engine mount:

On high powered race scooters the standard engine mounts are prone to damage, which is why Malossi have developed the “Gorilla Arm” race engine mount. The engine mount not only features exceptional strength against damage, but also allows a wide range of adjustments to be made. The engine mount is made from steel which is laser cut and TIG welded in strategic places to ensure excellent strength.

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