July 30 2015.

The UK’s biggest quad racing club - NORA MX - will begin a new chapter next year as long-standing club chairman and owner, Chris Murphy, will step down in September, after the final round of the 2015 club championship.

After nine busy years at the helm of the club Chris, and Sharon, his wife and right-hand ‘woman’, now wish to spend more time with their family and especially their growing number of grand children.

During their time in charge NORA MX has become one of Europe’s most successful quad racing clubs and promotes the most highly regarded quad championship in the country, other than the British Championship itself.

In addition, at the start of 2014, NORA MX officially took on the promotion of the British Championship on behalf of the licensing body, the ACU. NORA MX and Chris will also retire from this role at the end of 2015.

After all the effort spent building it up Chris is keen for NORA MX to continue to promote and operate quad events for all ages and abilities and would now like to hear from parties interested in formally acquiring the club.

“Running NORA MX has been one of the most satisfying things I have ever done in my life,” said Chris. “The enjoyment of seeing everyone smiling at the end of a successful race meeting is very hard to beat. However, Sharon and I have reached a point where we would like to commit more time to other things in our life, so we need to step away from running the club.”

“Initially we looked at appointing ‘managers’ to run it on our behalf, but it would have been difficult not to remain heavily involved on that basis. Therefore we think a clean break is best and we are now actively looking for new owners of NORA MX.”

The club has accrued many assets needed for it to run professionally and smoothly, including a timing truck, electronic timing system, transponders, drop metal start gates and two-way radios, so is well placed to transfer as a going concern.

These assets will be sold with the club. However they can be made available at a heavily subsidised rate to a buyer willing and able to provide cast iron guarantees that they will continue to run NORA MX in the best interest of its members and quad racing in the UK generally.

“My primary wish is that the club continues to promote and operate quality quad cross events, as it has been doing, and I will work hard to give the right people all the support they need to ensure that happens during any handover,” added Chris.

If you would like to register an interest in NORA MX, please email in the first instance.