August 28 2015.

New from R&G, the SpeedAngle forms part of the company’s growing range of track-inspired products. It is unique in that, unlike others on the market which simply capture a bike’s data, the SpeedAngle is capable of capturing the rider’s performance, making it an ideal tool for those looking to improve their own riding technique. The unit has been successfully put to use by racers from club level to 132mph-TT-man, James Hillier.

The 2015 SpeedAngle datalogger is aimed at a wide target audience, from first-time trackday users through to professional racers and it allows the rider to analyse lines and riding style easily, providing an efficient way to review areas for improvement.

Attaching quickly to the top yoke of any motorcycle via a dedicated mounting bracket the device records a rider’s performance, allowing him/her to overlay ride logs and GPS tracking data onto Google Earth for three dimensional playback. Users will then be able to see a 3D model bike lean that replicates their acceleration, allowing them to compare rides with friends, almost like a virtual race. The 2015 model comes with an uprated internal GPS sensor, allowing for even more detailed tracks and traces of movement, as well as removing the need for an external antenna.

Holding brackets are available separately, allowing for the SpeedAngle to be run across multiple machines. Recommended retail price is £299.99 (inc VAT). Normal trade terms apply for dealers.

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