September 17 2015.

The classic Vespa PX 210cc cylinder kit from Malossi, available through VE (UK), has continually evolved over its thirty years of production, with the latest versions giving Vespa PX owners a choice on the level of tuning they require.

The latest incarnation of the cylinder kit has resulted in two distinct product lines aimed at different scooterists. The constant development process at Malossi has seen both versions of the cylinder gain new port timings for all transfer ports and two different exhaust port configurations, creating the Sport cylinder, aimed at touring riders, and the MHR cylinder, for those riders wanting the best possible performance.

Malossi Sport 210:
The Sport 210 kit for touring riders has been designed to offer more performance than the previous cylinder kit available, and has been configured so that the cylinder can be used on either standard or lightly modified crankcases.

Malossi MHR 210:
The MHR 210 kit for all out performance! Redesigned transfer and exhaust ports allow for maximum performance and has been developed to be used on heavily modified crankcases, with a carburettor that is 30mm or greater in diameter. In addition, the cylinder head is located using two centring bushes to guarantee perfect alignment between the head and cylinder.

The cylinder kits are manufactured from Nicasil plated aluminium, and are supplied complete with a matched cylinder head which utilises an o'ring to ensure a perfect seal. Furthermore, Malossi have recalculated the heat exchange surfaces to allow more efficient cooling of the cylinder whilst in use.

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