September 22 2015.

Mazzucchelli is a long-established Italian company well known for producing high quality crankshafts and con rods for all sizes of scooter It continues to produce some of the finest crankshafts available for Lambretta scooters.

Choosing to fit Mazzucchelli crankshafts ensures you are guaranteed not only theexacting tolerances that you expect from a quality Italian brand, but also the best use of specialist materials to produce a standard replacement crank that is second to none. The quality of Mazzucchelli production is known the world over and the materials used to produce its products are to the very highest standards.

In addition to the standard replacement crankshafts Mazzucchelli also produce an excellent selection of competition crankshafts for Lambretta scooters.

To browse the complete range of Mazzucchelli products available, visit (registration required).

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