October 16 2015.

Complementing the hugely popular Denali SoundBomb range, R&G has now added the new Denali SoundBomb Mini to its extensive range. Capable of producing a massive 113 decibels of sound, the SoundBomb Mini is twice as loud as a standard motorcycle horn. 

Any motorcyclist will know the need to be heard out on the road and the Denali SoundBomb Mini will not just provide twice the sound, but its compact design also allows it to virtually disappear from sight once installed. Just like the larger Denali SoundBomb range, the Mini has been designed for those who want to be heard whilst maintaining the stylish look of their machine. 
The Denali SoundBomb Mini produces a distinct low-tone sound, and recording a volume of 113 decibels at three feet makes it twice as loud as an original 100 decibel horn. Requiring no additional wiring, the horn is a simple ‘plug and play’ upgrade for the standard device. It is compatible with all CANbus electrical systems and comes with a fully illustrated instruction booklet. 
The Denali SoundBomb Mini comes in a stylish, all-black design and measures just 3.25"(82mm) x 3.4"(86mm) x 2.5"(63mm). 
R&G UK sales manager Alan Garrett explains: “Just like its bigger cousin, the Denali SoundBomb Mini follows the same discreet and stylish design. Once installed, it becomes almost invisible, but will produce a sound loud enough for other motorists to hear you clearly.” 
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