October 12 2015.

• New app gives you multiple numbers on your existing phone

• An ideal solution for the self-employed, small businesses, users of online services and expats

Swytch, a UK-based start-up, today announces the launch of an app that allows you to have multiple UK mobile phone numbers on your existing smartphone, without the need for additional SIM cards.

With Swytch there is no need to change your phone, SIM card or network operator if you need an additional phone number. The Swytch app allows users to have up to five additional mobile numbers on one mobile device, all of which can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls and text messages. 

Swytch provides an easy and cost-effective way for small, independent businesses, freelancers and the self-employed to add additional mobile phone numbers to an existing phone, offering complete control and visibility over each line.

Swytch is also an ideal solution for people who do not want to use their main mobile phone number for online services, such as dating websites, online marketplaces and recruitment agents.

Swytch users can download the app wherever they are based in the world and can call and text using UK mobile numbers at local rates. With Swytch, UK expats are now able to maintain a UK mobile number while abroad with no roaming charges, and businesses, freelancers and consultants based abroad can better connect with their UK customers.

Swytch does for mobile numbers what Dropbox has done for files; it detaches the numbers from the SIM card and hosts them in the cloud. This means users can login to their Swytch account from any internet connected device and communicate from any of their Swytch numbers.

The Swytch app is available to download for free from the iOS and Android app stores. Within 30 seconds users have access to additional mobile numbers.

Chris Michael, CEO and Co-Founder of Swytch comments, “The need for Swytch was born out of my own experience running several companies at the same time. I struggled to separate communications between them, as I always hated the idea of carrying another mobile phone for each business; I couldn’t find a solution.”

“Swytch gives users a virtual ‘switch-board’ on their existing phone, so they can manage several phone lines from one location, cost-effectively, wherever they are in the world. Users can choose which line to communicate out from, as well as being able to identify which line they are receiving a call or text on. 

“With Swytch, mobile numbers are no longer attached to SIM cards. Swytch is perfect for business purposes, international users that want local numbers and call rates, as well as people who want to keep their primary number private.” 

To register your first additional number for free, and for 50p of free credit, visit www.swytch.com or search the app store for “Swytch”.