October 29 2015.

Custom Cruisers has introduced a Harley Davidson sprocket pulley removal tool designed to simplify this difficult task at a sensible price. 

These quality tools are manufactured in-house at Custom Cruisers and allow mechanics to remove the clutch centre nut on the gearbox output shaft when changing the drive belt or removing the primary covers or gearbox on Harley Davidson four and five speed models. A six speed tool is also available.

Simply attach to impact gun and these Draper Hi-Torq sockets will not split, but they will allow maximum power to remove the nut. The only way to remove the recessed nut is with a special tool like this - box spanners etc. are simply not strong enough.

Fabricated in-house these quality tools are almost a third of the price of alternative tools. 

RRP is £69.50 and Trade Price is £39.00 plus VAT. Well under half the price of equivalent makes from the USA. 

- Brand C&C Workshop equipment 

- Suitable for all 4 and 5 speed Harley Davidson output shaft nuts 

- Fabricated in the UK  

- Draper Hi-Torq socket available in chrome effect or black

- Optional extra 1/2 inch to 3/4 drive adaptor - £14.99

Trade Orders at Custom Cruisers UK: tradeccuk@mac.com

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