November 3 2015.

Pinasco has taken its popular tubeless split wheel rim design and updated the specification to meet TUV standards.

The redesigned rims now feature ten allen head bolts securing the rim halves together, as opposed to the five on the earlier version. The rims are 2.1” in width, with the tyre channel running exactly centred to the frame of the scooter, which allows maximum stability both on large and small frame 10” wheeled Vespa models.  

The split rim utilises a sealing ‘O’ ring between the sections, making the rim fully tubeless compatible and is supplied with a 90 degree valve and all mounting hardware required for fitting. This patented design merges the benefits of tubeless and split rim design, giving owners the advantages from both designs.

Should the rider suffer a puncture, it’s simply a matter of fitting an inner tube as on a normal rim. There is no need for specialist tyre fitting equipment to remove and refit the tyre, allowing a simple roadside repair.

The new Pinasco TUV approved wheel rims are competitively priced with an SRP of £73.88 incl VAT. for the silver rim, and £85.22 incl VAT. for the black version.

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