November 12 2015.

VE (UK) has over 25 years experience supplying scooter dealers with tyres for Classic Vespas and Lambrettas, with a vast range of quality tyres for the discerning Classic scooterist from full out soft and sticky race tyres through to winter tyres designed especially for the wet/colder temperatures.

The latest additions to the range includes the new 3.50x10 Race specification tyres from Sava/Mitas, from the MC0, a full race slick, to the MC 20R Monsum wet weather tyre. All the tyres have been developed to offer racers a competitive edge in grip, cornering, and braking performance.

MC 0
The MC 0 is a pure bred racing slick for those riders wanting the maximum grip on the circuit. Not suitable for road use. This tyre is available only in a soft compound.

MC 18
The MC18 modern Scooter tyre designed to suit all Classic Vespa and Lambretta owners that want that little extra from a tyre. A modern looking tyre with improved tyre design and rubber compounds to give excellent grip and durability. The MC18 is also used by racers to give excellent grip in damp/wet conditions. This tyre is available in a standard road compound.

MC 20R
The Sava/Mitas Monsum tyre excels in wet weather conditions thanks to its wet weather race developed tread pattern, designed to clear high volumes of water ensuring better grip on the tracks surface. This tyre is available in a standard road compound, and a soft compound.

MC 31
The MC31 is a competition specification tyre that has an optimised profile for quicker turn-in at higher speeds and quick course alterations. Optimum operating temperature is reached quickly ensuring maximum grip. Available in super soft, soft, and medium race compounds.

MC 35 S-Racer 2.0
The MC 35 S-Racer 2.0 builds on the success of the earlier S-Racer pattern with new profile with a greater lean angle capability with an increased contact patch throughout. The tyre also promotes better stability and handling whilst cornering due to the new profile. Available in super soft, soft, and medium race compounds.

Sava/Mitas tyre compound guide:

Racing medium: Perfect for warmer track temperatures with an abrasive surface.

Racing soft: Suitable for cold to warm track temperatures.

Racing super soft: The perfect tyre compound for qualifying sessions. The compound is also suitable for cold weather use on a smooth track surface.

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