November 20 2015.

The government has published guidance on zero hours contracts and how they should be used. It explains what they are and includes information on employment rights, appropriate use, inappropriate use, alternatives, best practice, and exclusivity clauses.

What are zero hours contracts?
‘Zero hours contract’ is a non-legal term used to describe many different types of casual agreements between an employer and an individual.

Generally speaking, a zero hours contract is one in which the employer does not guarantee the individual any hours of work. The employer offers the individual work when it arises, and the individual can either accept the work offered, or decide not to take up the offer of work on that occasion.

Regardless of how many hours are actually offered, the employer must pay at least the National Minimum Wage.

The guidance does not cover those who are genuinely self-employed and undertake work on a zero hours arrangement.

The guidance is available HERE.