November 24 2015.

Following the recent unveiling of products for the Kawasaki Vulcan S cruiser, R&G has invested further in the cruiser market with a collection of items that have been specifically designed for the Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750 machines.

Owning a Harley is equally about personality and image as it is the joy of riding, so with a full collection of official customisation opportunities, R&G has added a raft of damage protection and functional products for customers. Specifically designed for the Street 500 and 750 models, the collection offers the same outstanding level of protection offered from every R&G product.

The range of products include Engine Bars, made from gauge steel tubing and powder coated for a strong finish, passenger Back Rest, Kickstand Shoe, Shocktube ® and Mirror Risers, alongside more traditional items such as Fork Protectors, Bar Ends, Radiator Guard and Tail Tidy. Alongside boosting the aesthetics of the machine, these products help ensure the motorcycle is fully protected should the worst happen.

R&G UK Sales Manager Alan Garrett commented: “Since its introduction, we’ve often had requests from customers enquiring about products for the Harley-Davidson Street range, so we’re very excited to be launching these items. Alongside the products for the Vulcan S, it certainly marks a departure from our more traditional items and allows us to offer protection to all motorcyclists, no matter what bike they ride.”

The current list of R&G products available for the Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750 is as follows, with more to be added soon:

- Engine Bars (Code: AB0019BK)
- Tail Tidy (Code: LP0188BK)
- Fork Protectors (Code: FP0179MC)
- Bar Ends (Code: BE0100MC)
- Radiator Guard (aluminium) (Code: RAD0198)
- Shocktube ® (Code: SHOCK50BKPAIR)
- Ignition Coil Cover (ICC0001BK)
- Mirror Risers (Code: MR0010BK)
- Kickstand Shoe (Code: PKS0085SI)
- Swingarm Protectors (Code: SP0070MC)
- Tank Traction Pads (Code: EZRG1200BL/CL)
- Passenger Back Rest (Code: BR0002BK)
- Replacement Footpegs (Code: RPA0002MC)
- Replacement Toe Pegs (Code: PT0002MC)
- Ignition Coil Cover (Code: ICC0001BK)
- Belt Guard (upper) (Code: BG0001BK)
- Belt Guard (lower) (Code: BG0002BK)
- Frame Tidy/Bolt Cover, left side (Code: FT0001MC)
- Frame Tidy/Bolt Cover, right side (Code: FT0002MC)

For more info on the full range of R&G products, visit www.rg-racing.com