December 4 2015.

VE (UK) is constantly adding new items for the Maxi Scooter range and these new brake levers for the Vespa GT/GTS series are testament to this.

These new CNC levers are available in short fixed blade, short folding blade, or with a folding adjustable length blade design. All three styles feature “on the fly” adjustable lever reach. These levers also feature a large flattened ball on the end for a reassuring grip on the lever.

The new folding levers are designed to help alleviate the loss of a lever. These levers will pivot up away from the point of impact should a tumble occur allowing the handlebar end to take the impact. This unique feature can be a true "lever saver", hopefully allowing the rider to pick the machine up and carry on with their journey, safe in the knowledge that they still have both brake levers in working order.

Colours/finish available:
Short adjustable lever set (trade price £29.80): Alloy, Black, Titanium.
Short folding adjustable lever set (trade price £35.76): Alloy, Black.
Adjustable length, folding lever set (trade price £38.40): Alloy, Titanium.

These adjustable lever sets represent great value for money and are priced at a point that is considerably cheaper than elsewhere, with the same, if not better quality.

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All trade prices shown exclude Vat.

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