January 7 2016.

Trade parts specialist WMD is now stocking the full range of professional Tank Cure cleaning and resealing products for use on steel motorcycle fuel tanks. The Tank Cure range provides reliable and effective products for treating dirty, rusty or leaking tanks.

Tank Cleaner and Rust Remover are first used to degrease and successfully treat rusty inside surfaces. Epoxy Remover then erases old layers of sealant or paint and finally Tank Sealant fully treats and coats the inside surface of the tank.

The Tank Cure range can also be used to reseal tanks that have just been re-chromed, or cut and welded for cosmetic or custom purposes, or even to repair small pinholes

Full instructions are provided with each purchase of Tank Cure.

The full Tank Cure range is available now from WMD and retails at:

Tank Cure Cleaner 500 ml: £10.67

Tank Cure Rust Remover 500ml: £10.67

Tank Cure Epoxy Remover 500ml: £20.08

Tank Cure Tank Sealant 450grm: £24.54 and 600grm: £32.06

Top trade discounts apply.

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