December 17 2015.

Malossi has released details of its new, upcoming gear kits for the Vespa PX and Cosa scooters, which are available to pre-order now from VE (UK).

For years, large frame Vespas had a relatively small choice of primary gear ratios available, but with the later eight spring Cosa style clutch, a wider range of ratios became available. Owners who had tuned their scooters found that the ratios were still not high enough for their requirements, when compared to the tall gear kits that Malossi used to produce for the older style clutch.

Malossi has now addressed this issue and announced two new gear kits for the large frame Vespas, giving owners the taller gearing that they require. Available in either a 2.62 to 1 (63-24), or 2.78 to 1 (64-23) ratios, they offer a marked change over the standard gearing.

The completely redesigned gear set uses straight cut teeth that have been developed to offer quieter running through the finishing processes used. Malossi utilise a digital testing machine to ensure a perfect match between the paired gears, before heat treating them to give the hardness and durability required for use under heavy load.

To pre-order the above gear sets, or view the complete range of Malossi products available from VE (UK) visit: (registration required).

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