February 1 2016.

If there is one thing that small businesses and digital marketers keep coming back to, it's email. To small business owners, the idea of email marketing elicits remnants of AOL's 'you've got mail'.

 There is no argument that we have been inundated with emails over the years, much of it is stuff we don't even want. The average person receives about 120 emails each day, and the entire population with addresses are flooded with close to 200 billion emails. That's enormous. Perhaps this is the reason why talking about email marketing incites sighs, groans and rolling of the eyes.

Despite the vast adoption of social media and video marketing measures, email still remains the popular choice for brands. This is because people are still using email. Indeed, we may have taken advantage of email since the 1990s, but that doesn't mean it has met its utter demise. -

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