February 8 2016.

KTM Sportmotorcycle UK is to relocate its headquarters to new premises at Silverstone's high-performance technology and motorsport (HPT&M) business estate.

The announcement of KTM’s move adds yet further credibility to asset manager MEPC’s development of Silverstone Park as a premier global business destination for the HPT&M sectors.

The Austrian-founded company is currently busy fitting out more than 13,000 sq ft of property at Silverstone Park to include offices, brand rooms, a conference suite, workshops, an internal ‘bike wash’ facility and a sales and marketing centre to work with its 38 dealerships across the UK.

KTM’s new HQ will also be home to its Husqvarna motorcycle brand when it completes the move in April.

Matt Walker, KTM Sportmotorcycle UK’s general manager, commented: “Everything about what MEPC is doing with Silverstone Park is right for us. We are responsible for two quality premium brands that are growing rapidly and we want to present ourselves in a way that reflects our position in the market, which we can’t do in our current location.

“All 20-plus employees will move with us and we are hugely excited about how this is going to raise our image and enable us to recruit and train more people. MEPC has fully embraced what we want to achieve and couldn’t have been more helpful – the business proposition that it has created at Silverstone Park made it the obvious choice. Furthermore the designers we have used have done an absolutely stunning job on the design of our new headquarters premises. We can’t wait.”