February 19 2016.

Kawasaki release reads:

This week, during the recent round of Regional Dealer Meetings, Kawasaki Motors UK announced to its dealer network that it was looking to establish a wholly owned dealership in the South of England.

Howard Dale, General Manager of Kawasaki Motors UK, explained that the move was purely driven by the number of historic ‘Open Points’ that KMUK have vacant around the UK and particularly in the South of England.

The UK General Manager made it very clear that this was not the start of a manufacturer owned dealer network, but one single site in a very important key trading area where a cluster of Open Points have existed for over three years. He went on to explain that it was becoming extremely hard to find the right business partners, particularly in the South due to a high property and set-up costs.

The site KMUK has is mind is yet to be confirmed, but a planning application has been lodged. He went onto to stress that it was vitally important that a KMUK dealership would operate on a level playing field and on exactly the same terms as any other Kawasaki dealer and the dealership would operate totally independently from KMUK as a separate standalone business and will have to make a profit to survive and thrive like any other business. He also commented that whilst the primary reason for this investment was to sell more motorcycles by filling a valuable open point, it also provides the manufacture an invaluable dealer network tool.

Howard Dale commented, “We will be totally transparent in respects of the business operation and its trading accounts. The dealership will effectively become an extension of the Kawasaki Training Academy and we will be actively encouraging DP’s and staff of other Kawasaki dealerships to spend time in the operation for training and development purposes. Having a directly owned retail outlet will also provide us with a platform to test new concepts, ideas and systems, to ensure that all futures initiatives are realistic, effective and fully operational before release”

The proposed outlet will provide employment for around six people, offering the usual dealer facilities and operating from a modest 500 2m site. Further information will be made available once premises have been confirmed.