February 23 2016.

The team at Michelin has been busy putting its latest scooter tyres through their paces, testing them in the wet, in both warm and cold temperatures. The new Pilot Road 4 Scooter tyres are claimed to have outperformed their nearest competitors and set themselves apart with impressive results in braking tests under a variety of tough conditions.

Firstly, Michelin tested the new tyre’s performance on a warm, wet surface that imitated painted road lines, with the scooter coming to stop from a speed of 50 km per hour. The Pilot Road 4 Scooter tyre proved the outright winner stopping a staggering 9.6 metres shorter than its big-name competitor.

The Pilot Road 4 again showed outstanding performance on another wet surface, this time a cold one, with the ground temperature around 7 degrees. Stopping a full three metres shorter than a rival brand, the Michelin tyre is a proven asset to scooterists riding in wet weather.

And it’s not only stopping distances that are improved with the new tyres when riding in the wet. In a lap-time comparison against the same competitors, the Michelin tyres proved the fastest with a two second lead over their nearest rival.

The Pilot Road 4 Scooter is the product of years of technical research and development and comes to the market aiming to lead the way in radial tyre performance for the maxi scooter sector. Thanks to ‘full-depth’ sipes, the Michelin Pilot Road 4 Scooter has proven outstanding performance in wet weather and offers exceptional grip across a wide range of surface temperatures (0-40 degrees).

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