March 10 2016.

Malossi variators are available for a vast range of Automatic scooters from 50cc to 850cc, with the latest Yamaha N-Max 125 recently being added to the fitment list.

The new Malossi Multivar Variator has been designed to offer a more consistent and reliable shifting process, with redesigned face and roller ramp angles to obtain the very best power transfer from the engine, whilst offering an extended service life.

The variator is supplied as a complete kit with rollers, variator driven pulley, pulley bush, back plate, spacer, and torsion spring.

Owners wishing to further refine the transmission can also choose from a wide selection of roller weights from the extensive Malossi range.

Malossi also produces both the Fly and Delta clutch assemblies for the 125cc Yamaha.

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