March 18 2016.

Kawasaki's new 2016 model ZX10R is the latest model to get the Scorpion Red Power treatment.

Options for the ZX10R include the popular Serket Taper with sleeve options of brushed Stainless Steel, Carbon Fibre, and Satin Titanium and Scorpion’s flagship RP-1GP silencer which features fully Titanium internals. The GP silencer is available in Carbon Fibre or Satin Titanium and features a fully Titanium integrated link pipe.

The new Scorpion is also available with two de-cat choices; with or without the standard heat shield in place.

The products are dyno developed to ensure the internals suit the standard management of the bike removing the need for re-mapping is required - just fit and ride.

Cost: From £365.00 for Serket Taper. From £549.00 for RP-1GP. From £89.00 for De-cat.

T: 01773 744123.