March 24 2016.

THINK! has launched its 2016 motorcycle campaign in a bid to improve the safety of the ‘most at-risk user group’ on Britain’s roads.

The campaign will run between March and September and will be social media driven. Its core target audience is ‘male hobbyist’ riders aged 30-59 years.

The campaign will run from the THINK! BIKER Facebook page and will launch with a series of promoted Facebook posts over the Easter weekend.

The campaign will set out to encourage riders to complete advanced training, wear the correct protective gear and reduce their speeds on country roads. It also reminds drivers to look out for motorcycles at junctions.

Motorcyclists account for a tiny percentage of road traffic in Great Britain (1% in 2014) but are the most at-risk user group. In 2014, there were 339 fatalities and 5,289 seriously injured casualties.

THINK! is targeting the 30-59 years category because in 2014 some 59% of all motorcyclist fatalities were in this age range. Male hobbyist riders tend to be engaged with the motorcycling community and as such can be easily reached through social media channels.

The campaign will reuse existing content including the ‘Never Too Good’ series of videos, featuring superbike racer Chaz Davies and comedian Alan Davies, and the ‘Perfect Day’ film.

A campaign toolkit for road safety officers can be downloaded from the members’ area of the Road Safety GB website HERE