April 1 2016.

Apico is now the sole UK distributor of GET RX1 electronic off-road products in the UK, and will also distribute the new LC-GPA launch control for 2016 machinery.

GET has been working with a number of top MXGP and AMA teams over the last few years to perfect its products and now has the solution for the everyday rider, as well as top level race teams. The GET ignition systems are simple plug and play units, with the flagship Power model available for all levels of riders. The Power Ignition package also includes the Wifi-Com that allows riders to easily alter the pre-installed settings within the ignition, via a smart phone or tablet whilst at the track.

As well as the RX1 version of the Power system, the GP1 is available for 2009 to 2015 motocross bikes. The systems are engineered and manufactured in Italy, and tested on a specially designed dyno, to operate between a temperature range of -20°c and 110°c. They are pre-programmed by GET, designed for standard engines using racing exhausts.

In addition to a host of accessories, the new LC-GPA launch control for the RX1 Power unit gives a visual display to monitor the revs and choose an engine power assistance setting for any riding style, on any track surface.

Apico’s Dylan Brown said; “The latest range of products from GET for 2016 machinery is far advanced over anything the company has launched before, the ease of use with its ‘plug and play’ capabilities means the product is accessible to all levels of riders. We have tested with our sponsored teams and they themselves have invested in the technology. We are confident that the development from GET with the likes of Romain Febvre and Ryan Dungey has resulted in the RX1 being the ultimate in performance ignitions products.”

Apico will stock the GP1 and RX1 Power units along with accessories. Race teams are welcome to enquire about the Evo range of racing ignitions which are available to order.

Contact Apico on 01282 473 190 or email sales@apico.co.uk