April 12 2016.

Feridax has announced the launch of its brand new, public facing website. The B2C site has a cleaner, more contemporary look, with a customer-centric focus. Usability has been at the forefront of the design and build process.

Highlighting the multitude of world renowned brands that Feridax offers its dealer network, the site focuses on key new products and easily offers information, guides customers to brand websites and makes it even simpler for consumers to find their local dealers.

The new site also consolidates the current Feridax warehouse inventory of over 21,000 product lines into easily accessible product groups such as accessories, boots, clothing and helmets etc. By grouping the products in this way the new site ensures that all of the Feridax brands are seen by customers - offering more choice as well as ensuring customers are able to make a more informed decision, prior to purchasing.

The increased focus on brands allows Feridax to share a greater knowledge of the history and the quality of the products, which in turn gives consumers the confidence to know that they are buying premium goods.

The site also features a brand new blog, for all the latest product news, releases, reviews and how-to guides to ensure that customers are not only getting value for money, but they also understand the products and how to care for them.

The new B2C site will ultimately offer a much improved brand / product focussed consumer experience.

Visit the new website at www.feridax.com