April 13 2016.

- 15% of people aged 16-64 report high-levels of loneliness in their daily lives

- BEN’s early intervention can help people make positive, sustained change

BEN has unveiled a new campaign, called ‘Socially Fit', designed to help people who feel isolated and lonely.

The Socially Fit campaign is the third of BEN’s ‘Four Pillars’ campaigns, each of which seek to highlight the key areas where BEN can help those who work in the automotive industry (past and present) and their dependents, keep Mentally Fit, Financially Fit, Socially Fit and Physically Fit.

The Socially Fit campaign aims to demonstrate how BEN can help people regain lost self-confidence, by providing free, confidential information and advice, enabling them to reconnect to those around them and begin to make positive steps to long term social wellbeing.

Relationship breakdown, being a family carer, dealing with physical and mental illnesses, domestic abuse, alcohol or substance misuse are just some factors that can lead to a loss of self-confidence, resulting in individuals feeling isolated and alone. With nobody to talk to, a difficult situation can easily turn into a crisis. This is where BEN can help, enabling people to make sustained change, thus making a lasting, positive difference to their lives.

BEN provides a broad range of services to help people be ‘Socially Fit’:
- Support with family / relationship breakdown
- Supporting older or vulnerable individuals to engage in local support
- Re-entering the work place after serious illness
- Help to deal with domestic abuse
- Support for alcohol or substance misuse
- Short breaks
- Home Care services

Carol Keller, BEN’s Marketing and Communications Director, said: “Loneliness is a huge problem across society, with around 15% of people aged 16-64 reporting high levels of loneliness in their everyday lives.

“Loneliness affects people at all ages and stages of life, with individuals feeling isolated in the workplace, or at school or college. People can feel lonely even when they are surrounded by other people and this can have an impact on their overall health and wellbeing.

"In addition, although social media makes us a more ‘connected’ society, many people still feel loneliness, despite having a large number of online ‘friends’. A constant stream of images of other people’s lives can also make people feel very alone, and add to feelings of anxiety.”

“It can be very hard for people to admit they are lonely – yet the calls BEN receives from people across all walks of life and circumstances suggests that many people are isolated and alone. Without people to talk to, life’s challenges can seem unsurmountable. BEN hopes to provide a voice for those who feel isolated, and urges them to pick up the phone and speak to BEN in confidence – we can help.”

All calls to BEN’s national helpline 08081 311 333 are confidential and free (free from landlines or mobiles). For more information on Socially Fit visit