April 27 2016.

Developed for road riders, Magura’s new HC1 Radial Master Cylinder gives improved feel and control whilst reducing the pulsing effect often experienced with ABS braking.

An easy upgrade for motorcycles of all disciplines – sport, naked, supermoto and more – the new HC1 features the same technology and performance as the racing HC3, in a cost-effective and compact package.

Just like it's racing sibling, the HC1 features Magura's patented Hard Core Technology (HCT), which reduces internal friction and improves brake performance and feel. It can be used with most hydraulic braking systems, and is fully compatible with ABS.

When ABS operates there is a feedback of pressure that can be felt as 'pulsing' or 'kickback' on the lever, which can be distracting and, in certain circumstances, that pressure pulse can 'turn' the master cylinder piston seals.

HCT piston seals are mounted in the cylinder wall, rather than the piston, making them more robust and resistant to 'turning'. This also allows the piston to have four bleed grooves – there is normally just one – reducing pulsing on the lever. In addition, the piston is made from a very low friction material, making the movement over the seal very smooth.

The HC1's 90° full-radial design – the push-rod and cylinder sit at a right angle to the handlebar – gives more direct feeling.

Simple to mount, light and requiring minimal space on the bars, the Magura HC1 is available in 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm piston diameters, to suit a variety of brake systems. and in left-hand configuration for use as a clutch master cylinder.

Priced at £252.70 including VAT, the HC1 comes with a pre-installed switch for brake and clutch, mounting and operating instructions.

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