May 9 2016.

Bultaco's line of street-certified Brincos is poised for release, meeting all kinds of needs for a whole range of different riders. The Bultaco Brinco R, the trailblazer of the innovative MOTO BIKE concept, has been on the market for less than a year, and is already being rounded out by three new versions, all of them street-certified: the Brinco R-E, Brinco C, and Brinco S.

- BRINCO R: Racing, top performance for use on private tracks and trails.

- BRINCO R-E: The Brinco R, now street-certified. 

- BRINCO C: Off-road, for easier rides in the country.

- BRINCO S: Street, the urbanite, pure fun in the city.

The Spanish built range of Bultaco Electric Moto Bikes will be on display and available to test ride in a dedicated area at the MCN Festival of Motorcycling at Peterborough Showground on May the 14th and 15th.

Stand R4 will feature the Brinco R, a whole new concept of Electric off road fun combining the best elements of a mountain bike and a light weight motocross machine. A fully independent throttle allows you to control over 2KW of electric power to the rear hub mounted motor. With a top speed approaching 45 mph combined with downhill mountain bike spec suspension and brakes its sure to be a hit with modern movers and shakers...

For more data check out www.bultaco.com or email dealeruk@bultaco.com Tel 01522 589461