July 5 2016.

New and exclusive to WMD is BC's all-in-one K612 6/12V lead-acid battery charger. 

The K612 is available with a top trader discount,and with a recommended retail price of £28.99 it's an ideal charger for stocking at workshops and dealerships.

Simple yet effective, it ensures the best battery performance and longer battery life with a fully-automatic 8-cycle programme controlling battery analysis, recovery and reconditioning, recharging, desulfation and long-term maintenance.

Users simply set to the required voltage, connect, and forget. The charger can be left for indefinite periods of time, it does not produce sparks, and it's protected against short circuit, reverse polarity, overcharging and overheating.

The BC K612 is suitable for Acid, MF, Gel, AGM and VRLA type 6 volt and 12 volt batteries. It's supplied with a UK plug, crocodile clips, full instructions, and with a 3-year warranty that's standard on all BC products.

Available now at WMD/ Free shipping on orders over £100

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