May 20 2016.

The NAVIGATOR TXB Evolution represents the most recent development of TEXA’s technology for bike and marine environments. Compared to its predecessor the TXBs, chosen by many motorcycle manufactures as their official diagnostic tool, the SRAM has been doubled in order to manage the map update files more efficiently, and the internal storage memory has been quadrupled. 

The supported CAN standards have been increased including the single-wire CAN management and an additional CAN controller which allows simultaneous diagnoses on several networks and the management of more complex protocols.

For the bike environment, the NAVIGATOR TXB Evolution introduces the possibility to carry out diagnostic tests whilst moving, in order to locate specific problems that would otherwise not be detected in the workshop. The interface recreates a complete overview of the situation in which the fault occurred, supplying important analysis elements in order to identify the causes of the fault and to proceed with the repairs once the vehicle returns to the workshop.

IDC4E is TEXA’s diagnostic software for managing all the operations that are normally carried out in a workshop. It allows technicians to carry out all the essential operations, among which the self-diagnosis for error reading and clearing, the display of the engineering parameters and of the status’s of the control unit, activations, adjustments and configurations of the devices installed on the vehicle, deactivation of the warning lights, configuration of the control units, fuel trim, injection timing and key programming. Thanks to a worldwide network created in more than 20 years in the market, IDC4E is able to guarantee an extraordinary coverage of vehicles present in the market.

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