May 31 2016.

Datatool is again to be featured in the BBC series Thief Trackers.

Its production company recently visited the brand’s parent company, Scorpion Automotive, to start filming for the second series of the show which focusses on how innovative technologies aid the public and Police forces in the recovery of stolen goods.

Scorpion is a  leading manufacturer and supplier of vehicle security solutions, and the production company was allowed access to Scorpion’s 24/7/365 monitoring centre to illustrate the operation’s close co-ordination with its clients and the Police. The film crew also captured video footage of Scorpion’s manufacturing facility in which tracking units and other motorcycle security products and electronic parts are designed and manufactured on-site.

Mark Downing, Scorpion MD commented; “We’re privileged that the BBC’s specialist theft production company has approached Scorpion as vehicle security experts.”

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