June 2 2016.

Offering good employee benefits doesn’t need to be costly or complex. You may not be able to match big business when it comes to salaries or a wealth of perks - but there’s no reason you can’t be in a strong position to compete for talent with the combined appeal of essential benefits and the buzz of being part of a small enterprise.

The problem has been a market geared towards the big employers, working through a network of sometimes expensive professional advisers and intermediaries. For small firms it’s a nightmarish web of admin, time and cost commitments. But new technologies based around simple cloud-based apps mean small firms no longer need to be excluded.

How do you decide what benefits are right for you and where do you buy them? The one benefit you have to offer, under the new regulations, is a pension. And the arrival over the next two years of pension automatic enrolment means the risk of penalties and fines for employers that get this wrong, who don’t have the solid systems to rely on. Small firms have the same duty of care as large employers to look after employee wellbeing, both physical and mental - an issue that Government is increasingly taking an interest in. A recent study by Westfield Health found that

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