August 19 2016.

New from Slinky Glide is a handy repair kit for clutch and throttle cables.

The kit contains two 160cm stainless steel Bowden inner cables with soldered nipples, one of 1.2mm diameter and one of 2.00mm diameter, and seven nipple adapters, all packaged in a small travel-size container, ideal for the emergency repair of broken cables while on the road.

The kit retails at just £5.60 and is available with an excellent trader discount, making it a must-have product for stocking at workshops and dealerships.

The Slinky Glide range, which includes control, speedo, and tacho cables, now covering over 8,000 models, is held in high stock quantities at WMD's Sussex warehouse, with a next day delivery service as standard

Top trade discounts apply.

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