July 27 2016.

Driving for work is a ‘work activity’ like any other – and for many firms, the one with the greatest risk. But owing to our familiarity with being behind the wheel, it can be a difficult area to manage.

According to Department for Transport statistics, more than 25 per cent of all road traffic incidents involve someone driving for work purposes. This statistic is alarming, bearing in mind that companies and/or individuals have a legal responsibility to workers who are driving for work, and can be held accountable if they are to blame for an accident.

Driving for work is typically defined as “any business journey other than the normal commute to/from your normal place of work”. Ordinarily, this definition seems clear and precise, but the lines can easily become blurred. Drivers may be unexpectedly captured by the definition in the following circumstances: a worker driving to a one-off course at a conference venue; a worker going to another company office to act as ‘cover’; or a worker dropping off the business post on their way home from work.

Businesses need to fully understand their legal duties to every employee ……

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