August 10 2016.

No matter where your business starts out, international expansion is undoubtedly a marker of positive growth. In fact, in the ever-connected age of the internet, operating in the global market is not only something that many entrepreneurs strive for, it is often a factor that must be considered to ensure longevity.

Taking a start-up from local to global is not without its challenges, and the recipe for success varies greatly from industry to industry. However, it increasingly forms part of the start-up vision and is something that countless small businesses have been able to achieve.

The importance of a global mentality for start-ups is something that major business players are increasingly recognising and investing in. Google recently went in search of ten of the UK’s most innovative start-ups, with a view to helping them on their way to international expansion. The chosen businesses will have the opportunity to connect with a global community of entrepreneurs, as well as receive mentorship and support from established business figures and investors.

In the same vein, Dell recently named.....

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