August 25 2016.

Having started life as motocross suspension specialists, Öhlins Racing AB celebrates its 40th Anniversary with a radical new rear shock, the TTX Flow.

Extensively developed and tested for two years, TTX Flow offers unrivalled bike stability and traction within a full redesign, which has also been created to be extremely easy to maintain and set-up.

See it in action here! 

The shock features new patent pending pressure technology combined with an all new ‘spool’ check-valve system which essentially helps the shock cope with multiple forces at once and ‘forget’ them extremely quickly, retaining chassis balance. In rider feedback this equates to vastly improved handling in whoops, braking bumps, (so the rear wheel doesn’t go light), and absorbing harsh hits where the bike needs to remain settled for a large jump. Bottoming resistance is also improved through the introduction of a new bump rubber cup unit.

The TTX flow has also been fully redesigned through every single component to make it much more rider and mechanic friendly, for both maintenance and set-up. The spring is now extremely easy to change due to a new spring clip design and the simple spring pre-load adjustment is more robust. Adjustments can easily be made to compression and rebound with a new indicator to show positioning.

The system retains the Öhlins patented TTX (Twin Tube) Technology with a 46mm piston and 16mm piston rod. There is a wide range of springs to suit rider weight and riding style. Available for all main adult MX and Enduro models.

Christopher Nilsson, Product Specialist MC Offroad, explains: “We have been working on TTX Flow for several years and are really excited to be able to launch it for our 40th anniversary. The shock has been developed to solve the many challenges with setup-tradeoffs that MX riders are faced with. With TTX Flow, there is no need for a compromised setup, this shock can handle everything thrown at it. We’re also proud to have designed the shock to be easier for our customers to use and service.”

TTX Flow features at a glance:

Newly developed shock featuring TTX-technology

46 mm piston and 16 mm piston rod

A new 58 mm gas reservoir on majority of applications

Patent pending pressure technology

Improved bottoming resistance through new design of bump rubber cup

Compression and rebound adjustments with indicator

Easy and cost effective to service

Simple spring change due to new spring clip design

Spring preload adjustment more robust

Wide range of springs

Most new and recent MX and Enduro models covered

Price in UK is £910 inc VAT but PLUS springs (approx. £70)

For more info visit www.ohlins.com