September 12 2016.

Setting up an online store may be an effortless procedure but make no mistake, running a small e-commerce business is no easy feat.

As someone who has spent a career providing products and services to millions of online sellers, first at PayPal and now at ATG Media, the parent company of i-bidder and BidSpotter, Ben Lobel is well aware of the ongoing challenges faced by internet retailers, and what sets apart those that fail from those that thrive.

Below is his advice to e-commerce entrepreneurs on how to establish a successful online business.

1. Determine whether there is a market for your product
Trying to determine if there is a market is not always easy. But there are multiple ways to do it. The internet is full of free research that talks about industries, market segments, consumer buying trends and much more. Governments publish many statistics as well. Going to events where people may use your type of product or service is another venue to explore. And, if your product is for direct consumer usage, then friends, family, your neighbours, children, and random passersby on the train or plane are viable.

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