September 20 2016.

John Buchanan of the chartered accountants HW Fisher & Company outlines the telltale signs your business might be in trouble.

Small business owners are their own CEO, making strategic decisions about the future of their company. But many also spend so much time running day-to-day operations that they can lose sight of the big picture.

This partial blindness can be a liability when things start to go wrong. Too often, SME-owners are so focused on the details that they miss the warning signs.

Whatever underlying problems a business has, the ultimate reason for a firm going to the wall is invariably the same – insufficient cash-flow. Here are five red flags that indicate that you may be heading towards a cash crisis.

Your turnover is reducing
If your turnover is decreasing, it will adversely affect your business’s profitability, cash-flow and your ability to meet overheads.

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