September 30 2016.

MICRO-LOCK is a revolutionary new body armour collection from British impact-protection specialists KNOX that is super soft, highly protective and, most important of all, stable across all climates and environments. Until now, no body armour has combined all three elements.

Knox MICRO-LOCK uses smart technology, so the armour is super soft to the touch, but it locks when impacted. This locking action increases the amount of energy absorbed by the protector, reducing the impact on the wearer's precious limbs.

MICRO-LOCK is the softest and most comfortable protector that Knox has ever produced. This softness, linked with MICRO-LOCK's protective qualities, means that armour can be produced in a wide variety of shapes and thicknesses, so it can provide the perfect protector for every garment.

Knox MICRO-LOCK solves the temperature stability issue by using a unique mix of materials which keep the protector soft in the cold and stable in the heat. MICRO-LOCK's performance is also stable across all temperatures and environments.

- Smart technology enables the material to change under stress to enhance performance.

- The softest protector that Knox have every produced.

- Stable in performance in both hot & cold conditions, with outstanding durability, backed by a 5-year guarantee.

- CE-certified to EN621 on all styles, including T- and T+ extreme temperature testing. Limb and back protectors are available certified to either Level 1 or Level 2, depending on requirements.

- MICRO-LOCK will be used throughout the 2017 Knox Studio Collection.

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