October 6 2016.

VE (UK)'s range of replacement batteries offers dealers and owners a wide selection of solutions that cater for automatic and classic scooters, Ape, Quad/ATV's and Moto 50/125 machines.

The range of batteries include:

Li-Ion: Li-on batteries use Lithium-Ion battery chemistry, as found in most mobile phones, and are supplied pre-charged and ready to fit. This means that there is no messing with electrolyte and charging them before fitment. With a massive weight saving over conventional batteries. These super lightweight Li-Ion batteries offer substantial benefits for every owner.

MotoBatt batteries are based on an absorbed mat technology that come pre-charged and ready to fit. This means that there is no messing with electrolyte. Another key benefit of the MotoBatt batteries is the exclusive “Quad-Flex” terminals that allow the owner to place the positive and negative terminals on either side of the battery allowing a greater range of fitment options from each battery.

Lead acid:
A standard replacement battery that uses a traditional electrolyte. Available in a wide range of sizes and capacities to cater for most two wheeled applications.

VE (UK) also stocks the Battery Tender 800 charger to keep a battery in tip-top condition. The charger provides a charging current of 800 mAH, and is fully waterproof, allowing it to sit outside in the damp and rain, whilst maintaining the machine’s battery.

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