October 14 2016.

Make cleaning that bike easier with R&G’s new Nano Coating spray. The pre-mixed solution has been designed to repel water, oil and dirt, as well as prevent sun oxidisation and paint fade, ensuring the machine stays clean and sparkling for years.

Nano Coating Spray comes with a microfibre cloth included. The simple spray on, wipe off application allows for the product to be used on all surfaces of the motorbike and will then repel water, oil and dirt, ensuring the machine remains clean, as well as preventing paint fade and sun oxidisation.

The pre-mixed 200ml spray should only be applied to cool, clean and dry surfaces and multiple applications are recommended for the best result.

With an RRP of £12.99 (including VAT) the Nano Coating spray is available now from R&G.

R&G UK Sales Manager Alan Garrett commented: “Cleaning your bike is probably the least enjoyable part of riding, but our new Nano Coating spray makes things much easier. Its specially designed formula prevents dirt marks from water and oil, as well as protecting the paint and ensuring that a machine is always sparkling and looking its best.”

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