October 19 2016.

Effective 30th of September 2016, businesses with standard broadband who are customers of one of seven providers currently signed up to Ofcom's Voluntary Code of Practice for Business Broadband Speeds, will benefit from a number of new protections

Businesses will receive more accurate and reliable information on broadband speeds before they sign up to a contract and providers must also commit to resolve any problems that businesses have with broadband speeds effectively, and allow customers to exit their contract at any point if speeds fall below a minimum guaranteed level.

So far, BT Business, Daisy Communications, KCOM, TalkTalk Business, Virgin Media, XLN and Zen have signed up to the voluntary Code. Together, they provide a service to around two-thirds of small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who have standard broadband.

Ofcom research found that some businesses - particularly SMEs - were confused about how the ‘actual’ speed of their broadband service compared to the ‘headline’ maximum speed used in advertising.

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