October 21 2016.

Magura has introduced a Repair Kit for it's popular Model 288 brake master cylinder, which was fitted to BMW models between 1988 and 2002.

The Model 288 was used as the standard brake cylinder on a variety of BMW machines, starting with the K1 and continuing through the R1100 four-valve Boxer models.

Magura recommends that the master cylinder is kept completely clean and all moving parts, seals, etc. are renewed regularly, to ensure the braking system performs as effectively as possible. This is especially important for high-mileage machines.

Due to the large number still in active use, Magura is offering the Model 288 repair kit, which includes all of the parts required to completely rebuild the brake master cylinder.

Contained in the kit are; a new piston with primary and secondary seals, and a new return spring; piston protective bellows; reservoir bellows; a small amount of silicone-based brake paste; a new gasket washer for the piston retaining bolt and a detailed repair instruction (in four European languages).

The kit is suitable for the following BMW models:

• K1 (1988-1993)
• K1100 RS (1991-1996) and LT (1991-1998)
• R850 R (1994-2001) and GS (1998-2000)
• R1100 RS (1993-2001), GS (1994-1999), R (1994-1999) & RT (1995-2001)
Magura 288 Service Kits retail for £50.28 including VAT – Venhill part number 2701122.

Call 01306 885111, or visit for further details.