December 15 2016.

UK retailers are expected to see a dangerous spike in online criminal activity in the run up to Christmas 2016. According to recent data from digital security specialist ThreatMetrix, more than 20 million cyber attacks are expected to target online retailers and shoppers in the UK alone, across the last quarter of the year.

With this in mind, in the run-up to Christmas and with the attendant surge in online payments, it vital for smaller businesses to increase their vigilance against cyber crime.

Douglas Crawford, cyber security expert at VPN comparison site, says that smaller businesses are a prime target for cyber criminals. ‘This is because small businesses are low-hanging fruit which typically do not have the time and or resources that large companies do to secure their systems.’

As ever with security, passwords are a major vulnerability. Crawford advises small company owners to train staff to pick strong passwords and to change them fairly regularly, but not too regularly.

It is also worth considering using two-factor authentication to improve staff login security, such as hardware authentication devices like YubiKey, he adds.

A vulnerability through multi-taskingCrawford notes that a problem with SMEs is that.......

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