December 30 2016.

Barkbusters, the world’s leading motorcycle hand guard specialist, anticipates high demand this winter for its extreme weather protection BBZ hand guard that is fully compatible with most makes and models, including fully-faired sports bikes, tourers and scooters.

The onset of winter doesn’t necessarily mean the end of two-wheeled transport. With advances in clothing technology and the availability of heated grips, riders can easily remain comfortable during the colder months. However, despite these advances, exposure to wind chill can still cause considerable discomfort. The tops of the hands and the fingertips in particular soon feel the effect of the cold air when travelling along, even at moderate speeds.

Fitting a substantial set of hand guards can be an effective remedy to this problem, but unfortunately a great number of motorcycles are not able to accommodate traditional designs. With the innovative BBZ hand guard from Barkbusters, this need not be an issue.

Manufactured with a windproof ballistic nylon material that incorporates a waterproof membrane and is strong enough to be self-supporting under wind pressure – yet soft enough to flex against fairings and screens without leaving a mark – the BBZ hand guard envelops the hands while remaining open at the rear and can be fitted to most motorcycle makes and models. The nature of the construction also means that clutch and brake levers remain free from any interference.

Installation is simple with a choice of fitting to:

1. Handlebar weight
2. Hollow handlebar
3. Over existing aluminium hand guard backbone/frame

All necessary parts are included and no drilling or customisation is required.

Matthew Phillpott, Barkbusters CEO says, “The problem with plastic hand guards is that they can drastically reduce handlebar lock on quite a number of modern bikes, due to the bodywork and screen proximity.

“With the technical fabric incorporated into our design, we offer riders of all motorcycle types a weather-proof hand guard that looks smart, is simple to fit and offers the advantage of surrounding the hands – something that a plastic hand guard doesn’t provide.

“With the cold weather settling in, we have seen a big increase in orders from the northern hemisphere and we expect demand to increase further as more riders discover that the BBZ really is ‘Built for BLIZZARD Conditions’.”

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