January 6th, 2017.

Malossi has enhanced its Vespa PX cylinder line up with a new 225cc race kit, which is imported by VE (UK), the sole official Factory Appointed Sole UK Importer for Malossi Performance Products.

Like its 210cc MHR little brother, the 225 cylinder kit features redesigned transfer and exhaust ports to allow for maximum performance combined with a single ring piston kit. The new 225 kit has a taller cylinder which requires the use of a 60mm stroke crankshaft with heavily modified crankcases, a carburettor of 30mm or greater in diameter, and an expansion exhaust system. In addition, the cylinder head is located using two centring dowels to guarantee perfect alignment between the head and cylinder.

Malossi also manufactures an uprated set of crank bearings and PTFE oils seals to ensure the minimal _amount of friction is placed on the crank.

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