February 1st, 2017's Business Times feature takes a look at how small businesses can get the legal advice they need without breaking the bank.

Seeking legal advice in the UK can be a costly and time-consuming process for small businesses. So much so, that it has become something of a last resort. In fact, a recent report by Deloitte showed that in 2015 around 55 per cent of UK small businesses and individuals had a legal matter worth pursuing – but only 20 per cent went ahead and sought the required legal support.

Research shows that 38 per cent of small businesses experienced significant legal problems last year, with an average cost of £7,000. That can be enough to impact running costs and in some cases can mean the difference between remaining afloat or not.

To make matters worse, those businesses who can afford some level of legal support are not overly enamoured by the quality of services they receive, with only a small number of businesses feeling they get value for money from their chosen legal service provider.

It is inevitable that every business will require legal advice or representation at some stage. In a perfect world, it would be smooth sailing all the way – but who lives in a perfect world?

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