February 14th, 2017.

SSL certification has always had its benefits. Those in the website hosting game have argued for years that the advantages of SSL certification are too good to pass up. But now, things have changed.

The online world is perhaps the fastest-moving, most adaptive environment known to man. It is constantly growing, morphing and changing how we interact with it. The evolution of https is just another piece of this ever-moving puzzle.

SSL certification has been around for a long time. An extra security measure attached to websites, it secures all data being transferred between the site and the user accessing it through encryption. Those without SSL certification simply don’t secure that data.

While many small businesses are already certified, others have yet to include the encryption process in their website structure. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that those without the https prefix are going to get left behind. Why?

Google is paying more attention to SSL certification

It has long been known that Google pays attention to SSL certification. In fact, the company itself has stated that having https is considered in its ranking algorithms. However, Google is now taking things a step further.

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