February 17th, 2017.

A new study by O2 has revealed that national 5G infrastructure will outstrip the economic benefits of fibre fixed broadband by 2026 – just six years after it begins rollout (in 2020).

National 5G infrastructure will directly contribute an additional £7 billion a year to the UK economy in the same time period.

5G will deliver this economic impact almost twice as quickly as fibre broadband, while it will also add an extra £3 billion a year through secondary supply chain impacts, boosting overall UK productivity by a total of £10 billion.

The report, which predicts the impact of digital connectivity on post-Brexit Britain, shows that as the UK aims to shore up its economy, accelerating investment in 5G infrastructure will unlock opportunities to sustain growth, boost productivity and compete on a global stage.

The network will introduce entirely new industries, platforms and services – from 3D video calls to smart home and health applications.

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