February 28th, 2017.

Ever wondered how the likes of Uber and John Lewis have dominated customer loyalty and competitive advantage in their respective marketplaces?

Did you know that SMS is the fastest growing marketing channel in the UK, and by 2020, will have reached 48.65 million users who have opted-in to receive business communication, no matter the size of the business delivering the message?

No other marketing platform can boast an average yearly growth rate of 3.75million people per year, as well as being GDPR compliant, yet another thing to add to the list of things to check up on as a small business.

For small businesses, SMS could be the perfect marketing tool. You don’t need to employ a marketing body to execute, and you don’t need a large budget; in fact, you can start sending text messages to consumers for as little as 1.9p per message.

SMS can enhance your brand image and the experts at Voodoo SMS have put together 11 easy ways in which you can use text message marketing to your advantage.

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