March 23rd, 2017.

Malossi engineers have developed new racing gear clusters for the Vespa four-speed gearboxes small frame series. The clusters are fully interchangeable with the original part and require no machining to the housing. The Racing version features a tooth count of 10-15-18-20, and has been machined to allow full compatibility with the existing gears, resulting in significant reduction of noise through careful profiling of the teeth.

Also available for the same models is a Sport version of the gear cluster with a tooth count of 10-14-17-20 for owners who are looking to harness the extra torque provided by mild tuning of their machine.

The gear clusters are heat treated to give the required strength and durability that is required for engines that have been heavily tuned, and finally checked for quality and tolerances using a Zeiss 3D testing machine.

The new gear clusters are suitable for the following models: 50 Special, 50SS, 90SS, 100 Sport, PK 50S, PK 50XL, PK 100S, PK 100XL, PK 125 ETS, PK 125S, Primavera 125, and ET3.

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